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Boulder Climbing Community

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Updated Information: Flatirons Climbing Closures

October 26, 2013 – For full details about all trails and climbing areas on City OSMP lands go to:

OPEN climbing areas are:

First, Second, and Third Flatirons – see map

The Amphitheater – see map

Dinosaur Mountain/Mallory Cave – see map

Fern and Shadow Canyons – see map

Flagstaff Bouldering – see map. Note: the Flagstaff Road is still closed to non-residential traffic and bicycles, so bouldering access is by walking only.



The Information below relates to seasonal raptor closures.  All raptor closures have been lifted as of 7/31/13, and will be reinstated on February 1, 2014

The following areas are closed every year from Feb. 1 – July 31 to protect cliff-nesting raptors. Thanks to OSMP visitors and volunteers for supporting these closures and the cliff-nesting raptor program! 

Feel free to contact City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks by phone: 303-441-3440 or 303.441.4060 ext 420 & x 416.

Flatirons Area Closure Overview

Mt. Sanitas Ridge (PDF Map): 1st Buttress Only. Re-opened 5/15/13

Gregory Canyon Amphitheater – Parts of Gregory Canyon Amphitheatre are closed to protect nesting owls. The closed routes are East Bench Dihedral, SE Arête (also sometimes called SE FACE), and the Juniper Crack.  A voluntary closure is in effect for other routes in the Amphitheatre to provide additional protection for the nesting owls. pdfClosure map  

The entire Third Flatiron (PDF Map): all routes, including: The Descent Trail, Queen Anne’s Head, W.C. Field’s Pinnacle, 1911 Gully, The Ghetto, The East and West Ironing Boards, The Fin, Green Thumb, and Jaws are closed.

Re-opened Monday, July 22, 2013

Back Porch and The Box (PDF Map)

Skunk Canyon and Sacred Cliffs (PDF Map): The Skunk Canyon Drainage west of the Mesa Trail, including: Ridge Two, Ridge Three, Ridge Four, The Achean Pronouncement, the Dreadnaught, and the South Ridge of the Green Mountain known as the Sacred Cliffs.

North side of Fern Canyon (PDF Map): (Fern Canyon Trail is open) East Ridge, Nebel Horn Ridge, The Goose, and Goose Eggs are closed.

Bear Creek Spire (PDF Map)

Shadow Canyon (PDF Map): The entire Devil’s Thumb Ridge, Towers of the Moon and Jamcrack Spire are closed. The Maiden is OPEN to climbing with access from the EAST side only.

Mickey Maus Wall (PDF Map): All routes are closed.

The East Face Der Zerkle is closed from April 1 until September 1, 2011 to protect roosting bats.

Diamond Head and SoBo Buttress: west of Shadow Canyon, accessible from South Mesa Trailhead (South Boulder Peak Trail will remain open)

Flagstaff North: The north side of the Flagstaff Mountain Summit.

Lefthand Canyon Palisades.- Re-opened 5/14/13