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Boulder Climber Community

Boulder Climbing Community

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Closure Update – August 1, 2014

All front range climbing areas near Boulder are open with these exceptions:

  • Boulder Falls, which includes access to the Plotinus Wall and the Wall of Winter Warmth, remains closed until flood damage is repaired.
  • The Fiscal Cliff in Clear Creek Canyon is closed as a construction zone for the new Plains to Peaks bike path.


Each year from February 1 to July 31 some climbing crags are closed to protect nesting raptors. We will post the most current closure information for Eldorado Canyon, the Flatirons, and Boulder Canyon as it becomes available. Raptor closures typically include:

Eldorado Canyon

  • Shirttail Peak

The Flatirons – Click here for full details including maps

Summary of closed areas:

  • Lefthand Canyon Palisades, at the intersection of Lefthand Canyon Drive and Olde Stage Road (Buckingham picnic area remains open)
  • Mount Sanitas, First Buttress (no closures to the bouldering areas along the ridge; Mount Sanitas trail will remain open)
  • Flagstaff Mountain: the north side of Flagstaff Mountain will be closed (the Boy Scout Trail will remain open)
  • Third Flatiron, including the East and West Ironing Boards, Queen Anne’s Head and Jaws, and WC Pinnacle
  • Skunk Canyon, including Ridges 2, 3 and 4, the Aechean Pronouncement, the Dreadnaught, the North Ridge and the entirety of Sacred Cliffs
  • The Back Porch and The Box
  • Der Zerkle, Finger Flatiron, the Hand and Shark’s Fin
  • Bear Creek Spire
  • Fern Canyon (the designated Fern Canyon hiking trail will remain open)
  • The Sphinx and The Wings
  • Shadow Canyon and the Matron (the Maiden will remain open and accessible from the east; Shadow Canyon Trail will remain open)
  • The entire Mickey Mouse wall

Boulder Canyon

The Boulder Ranger District of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests implemented its annual area closures at Blob Rock, East Blob Rock, and Bitty Buttress in Boulder Canyon on February 1 to protect golden eagles during their nesting season. These areas are located along State Highway 119 approximately 1.5 miles east of Boulder Falls.

Eagle Rock, Happy Hour, Security Risk, Bihedral, and Riviera are all open.

The closures help protect a long-established golden eagle nesting territory, including vital alternate nest sites. Undisturbed access to multiple nest sites is important for birds of prey, especially early in the nesting season, to give them a chance to visit multiple nests during courtship and to select a site for the season, free of human influence. “Closures in Boulder Canyon are vitally important to protect one of only a handful of known golden eagle nesting territories in Boulder County. Their specific habitat needs limit what areas they can use for mating and fledging their young,” said Sylvia Clark, Boulder District Ranger. Contact Boulder Ranger District at 303-541-2500 for more information.

Boulder Falls (City of Boulder) is closed indefinitely until flood damage is repaired.