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Boulder Climber Community

Boulder Climbing Community

Stewardship… Community… Activism…

Boulder Climbing Community and Access FundAbout The Boulder Climbing Community

The Boulder Climbing Community is a non-profit organization that connects and supports climbers, climbing organizations, land managers, and businesses in the Boulder area, in order to protect and care for the climbing areas we love.

We accomplish this mission through the BCC E-News, the BCC website and Facebook page, live events at local venues, and stewardship projects out in the climbing areas. Our three primary stewardship initiatives are our professional & volunteer trail teams, our bolt replacement efforts, and our maintenance and stocking of several wag bag stations.

In the spring of 2014 the BCC launched the Front Range Climbing Stewards (FRCS) program in partnership with the Access Fund.  At the core of the FRCS is a 4-man full-time  trail crew that builds and restores  climbing access trails in climbing areas all over the front range and other areas popular to Boulder climbers.

The BCC was founded in 2010 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As the Local Climbing Organization (LCO) for the Boulder area we are closely affiliated with the American Alpine Club ( and the Access Fund ( and we have a joint membership program with the Access Fund. We work closely with area land managers, including Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Jefferson County Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service, and we support the work of the Action Committee for Eldorado (ACE) and the Flatirons Climbing Council (FCC). Our 15-member Board of Directors meets every other month, and meetings are open to everyone (see below).


Boulder Climbing Community Official Documents

All documents are available as downloadable PDFs.

 Our Board of Directors

  • Steve Williams
  • Jean Dempsey
  • Seth Musulin – Legal Counsel
  • Ty Tyler
  • Steve Levin
  • Chris Weidner
  • Evan Deis – Secretary
  • Scott Massey – Chairperson
  • Craig Hoffman – IT Coordinator
  • Jason Haas – Fixed Anchor Coordinator
  • Jim Illg
  • Tony Bubb – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Bill Briggs – Treasurer
  • Greg German – ACE representative
  • To be filled – FCC Representative

Operations Manager: Roger Briggs
Development Director: Scott Rennak

Next Board Meetings:

NOTE: In March of 2015 there will be open seats on the BCC Board.  If you’re interested in serving, please contact us (below).

Contact us at: